5 Questions With Stephanie Sterjovski

Bloggers and influencers have an uncanny ability to make an unfamiliar place feel like home. They somehow assure us that roaming down the road less travelled will prove to be fruitful in more ways than one.

Their curated adventures are nothing short of spectacular and act as a city guide for our travels. From style flat lays, to foodie snaps and cultural landmarks that are not to be missed, bloggers have them checked off and filtered to perfection. We can’t think of a time we didn’t reference one of our favourite feeds before boarding a flight.

These modern day muses welcome us into their lives, and for that, we’re spotlighting some top talent you absolutely need to start following. One influencer that has been bookmarked since the beginning is Stephanie Sterjovski Jolly. Her love of all things lifestyle fills our hearts with necessary pops of positivity. With nods to decor, hints of Canadiana and a whole lot of love, this is one blog you absolutely need to frequent.

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Stephanie Sterjovki Jolly.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? 

“I am a lover of life. I am grateful for experiences, travels, the beauty of the earth, the details of garments or a great accessory, so much so that I share the things I love as a Husband + Wife Team running my life, style and travel blog together for the world to be apart of. Everything from home decor, beauty, marriage, life, faith, travel and fashion is what I bring to the blog. The blog follows our life and our lives are very much the blog. We love what we do, which I think is the highest blessing on earth.”

2. What Instagram filter or photo editing app do you swear by?

“Depending on the photo and when/where/time the snap was taken, I like to use different apps. VSCO, PicTapGo, Snapseed and good old Instagram editing are some of my go-to apps.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 4.33.01 PM.png

3. What are your five favourite places you visited, and what trips do you have lined up this year?

“Iceland, Santorini, Banff, Mexico and Paris. All of them are quite different, but I love them all for different reasons and memories made. This year, you will definitely see a lot more Eastern and Western Europe from our travels.”

4. What city or country served you the best meal you ever had, and what was it? 

“We loved our food at Encanto, Acapulco – which is where we honeymooned. Everything from the morning smoothies, to the amazing pico de gallo. Mexico is one of our favourite places on earth, so naturally, we love their food!”

5. What pieces do you always pack in your carry on?

“I always pack a pair of fuzzy, warm socks because I tend to get cold on the plane. Another thing I can never forget is moisturizer and a huge water bottle because I get so dehydrated flying! Lastly, a notebook. You have a lot of time to sit and think on a plane, so I like to put all of my ideas down on paper so I don’t forget (whether it’s a blog post idea or something I want to capture when we land at our destination).”