6 Hipster Hangouts In Sydney, Australia


Thanks to hipsters, we have a subculture of independent thinking, art appreciation and a notion that anything mainstream is simply not good enough. They’re always on the hunt for the next ‘cool’ thing, and they place a special emphasis on authenticity and uniqueness.

So, if you happen to find yourself in Sydney, check out these must-see hipster hangouts.


1/ First on the docket, Surry Hills. Not only will you enjoy stunning architecture and hidden laneways, but you’ll also stumble across great coffee shops. For freshly brewed beans that will blow your mind, try a cup at Single Origin Roasters.

However, if you’d rather skip the coffee and dive into the harder stuff, pay the artisan distillery in the Rosebery neighbourhood a visit. You can sample everything from their craft gin to whiskey and a phenomenally tailored vodka as well.

2/ For those who are hungry and are eager to pay a visit to Potts Point, we recommend The Artisan Butcher. It offers a variety of products including French mushrooms and Italian salami. If you’re looking for something specific, or just a simple steak, this butcher shop has what you need.


3) Gertrude & Alice, named after Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas is a reader’s heaven. This creative space is filled from the floor up, and snacks are served for those with an appetite.

4) Better Read Than Dead is known for their immaculate staff recommendation system. Stop thinking, and just let their team suggest something that will knock your hipster socks off.


5) Are you looking for pieces from the ’70s? Look no further than The Vintage Clothing Shop. The owners of this store have been collecting and selling vintage clothes for over 40 years, and numerous TV producers and fashion magazine editors are their regulars. Everything in their store is highly curated, including their selection of blouses and Blahnik’s.


6) Even though we’ve already recommended strolling through Surrey Hills, we have to recommend it again. Some of the most prominent writers, musicians and artists, such as Josh Pyke and Alex Lloyd, adore this neighbourhood. The old architecture combined with a buzz of creativity is what this place is all about, and its only rival is the Balmain suburb. These suburban areas attract more and more hipsters every year, so experience this unspoiled heaven before it’s too late.