Style Choices That Are Airport Security-Approved

Even a seasoned jetsetter can get jammed up going through airport security, and a smooth start to your trip doesn’t mean just catching your flight in the nick of time - it can set the tone for your whole adventure.

Some delays are simply unavoidable (although if you’re travelling with kids, there are tips for that too), but it’s possible that your fashion choices are slowing you down where it counts most - at the gate.

Here are a few simple travel tips for getting through airport security fast - and fashionably!

Checkpoint-Friendly Luggage:
So, is your laptop bag checkpoint-friendly? What about your carry-on? If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry. There are a lot of options that will ease your pre-flight process and keep you looking stylish as well.

A lot of luggage manufacturers are now offering checkpoint-friendly luggage, including laptop bags with scanner-friendly storage and convenient design. Just open up the bag, lay it horizontally on the belt, and then send it on through the machine.

By the way, that laptop isn’t going to do you much good if it runs out of juice before you even leave your Uber. That’s why Away’s line of rolling luggage is so great to have on hand. It comes equipped with a TSA-approved battery (yes, all those batteries need to be cleared with security) that’s conveniently located for ease of access, plus lots of at-hand and inconspicuous storage compartments, a lifetime warranty, and sleek, minimalist designs in an array of colours.  

You can’t be without your devices, but oftentimes they’re the very things that will trip you up the most at the gate. So don’t be shy - find a solution that works and, more importantly, doesn’t cramp your style!

 Flight-Friendly Footwear

Just like doing New York in 48 hours, getting through airport security unscathed and on time requires the right kind of footwear. It’s tough to anticipate just what will be required of you once you make it to the friendly folks with the x-ray capabilities, so it’s best to plan for any contingency. Good footwear is a must-have for jetsetters – ideally, they shouldn’t give you any guff when it’s time to get it off, nor have you practicing your balancing act trying to get it back on. Having a good slip-on option will ensure that you’re the one breezing through the TSA line while everyone else is still fumbling with their laces.

Your Own Flights of Fancy

There’s no limit to the tweaks and twists you can make in your fashion choices, so don’t be afraid to come up with very your own go-to getups that’ll have you destination-hopping in ease and style. Check out other Siren Traveller blog posts for more ideas, and don’t forget -- good fashion choices can mean the difference between a fabulous getaway and a vacation full of hassles and delays. Which would you rather have?

Katie Tejada (McDaniel) is a writer, editor, and travel enthusiast who has worked with a number of brands, including Targus. With a love for adventure and the great outdoors, she spends much of her time writing outside.