The Gladstone Hotel x Tommy Smythe


The Gladstone Hotel welcomes a fresh new room concept, designed by renowned Canadian designer, Tommy Smythe. Smythe is recognized for his regular appearances on Canadian design shows on the HGTV Network. His name is attached to favourites such as Design Inc., Sarah’s House, Sarah 101 and Home to Win.   

Now Tommy brings his coveted style to popular Toronto haunt, The Gladstone Hotel. Located on the border of trendy neighbourhoods, Queen West and Parkdale, the historic hotel is the perfect home to Tommy Smythe’s creativity. The newly opened concept room, Room 303: Lucky Stryke, has high-ceilings, bright white walls, a plush king size bed and art work designed by Smythe himself, inspired by vintage matchbooks. These neon coloured prints bring the modern and cozy room to life.


The concept is an ode to Toronto’s LGBT bar culture where matchbooks with limited information printed on them once acted as maps to secret locations around the city that welcomed members of the LGBT community.

Room 303: Lucky Stryke is part of an ongoing trend of celebrity designers creating concept rooms for hotels. Another example is Bisha Hotel Toronto’s Lenny floor – a whole floor of hotel rooms designed by famous rock star Lenny Kravitz and his design studio, Kravitz Design.

Features of the 215 sq. ft. Room 303: Lucky Stryke includes a three-piece bathroom with hairdryer, hypo-allergenic duvet, and pillows with 300 thread count sheets, all-natural Canadian bath products, Samsung Galaxy Tablet with digital concierge system, flat screen television and more.

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Olivia Brutto