Stay Healthy While Travelling With Eva Redpath

Photo: @evaredpath

Photo: @evaredpath

With spring on the way, many of us are headed for fun in the sun vacations!

Whether it’s a much-needed road trip for a family camping adventure or flying to a destination, spring is a time for holidays. Unfortunately, travelling can also be a major factor in derailing you from your healthy eating and fitness routine. But it doesn’t have to be!

With a little prep work and some handy tips below, your next holiday can be a healthy one no matter where you’re headed.

Pack It Yourself: 

Whether you’re on a plane, train or at a scheduled event, if you pack your own snacks, then you’re providing yourself with a healthy alternative. Hop aboard with a protein bar, nuts, or fruits and you’ll be less likely to indulge in the unhealthy choices food provided. When I fly, I like to bring healthy snacks on the plane including Genuine HealthKind Bars, kale chips, Lara Bars and trail mix.

If you’re on the road driving, bring along a small cooler full of raw veggies, protein shakes, sandwiches and other healthy snacks instead of binging at fast food chains.

Photo: @evaredpath

Photo: @evaredpath

Try A Little: 

Part of the fun of traveling and going on vacations is to experience new cultures, which includes eating. But you don’t have to over-indulge OR be a slave to your diet either. A good philosophy to embrace is to try a little of everything. Have an experience but don’t use it as an excuse to go overboard.

Remember the 80/20 rule! Trying to stay 100% healthy all the time – including on the road – can make your vacay or work trip more stressful. Instead, try to be healthy at least 80% MOST of the time. Keyword: MOST!

Shop For Your Hotel:
Try choosing a hotel that offers a fitness center or a pool and use them once you get there. Many travel websites like Travelocity allows you to custom search hotels with certain amenities.

No hotel gym? Download an exercise program on your MP3 player or bring a favourite exercise DVD. Pack resistance bands and your yoga mat! Exercise anytime, anywhere with the Nike+ Training Club app, or even better Nike+ Run Club app, a perfect way to get out and explore your new city, by taking it to the streets.

Consider renting a house or apartment with a kitchenette instead. This way you can have control over your cooking and it will also save you money on food.

Stock Your Room: 

Stock your hotel room with bottled water, fruit, and healthy snacks. You’ll be less likely to order room service or hit that nasty hotel vending machine.

Eat Before You Leave: 

You’ll be less likely to nosh on whatever is convenient. If you’re tempted by that buffet, try filling your plate with more healthy picks first and then go back for the other options.

Photo: @evaredpath

Photo: @evaredpath

Apps Over Appetizers:

There are a lot of websites and apps you can use while on the go to find a healthy choice to eat.

A great app for a smartphone is Good Food Near You. There’s also Vegan Steven, Gluten Freed, iVegetarian, The Daily Plate, iTreadmill and My Calorie Counter.

Healthy Tourism: 

Embrace touristy activities that are active. Bike tours are great to see the new place you’re travelling to. Across many cities, there are also similar opportunities for joggers or walking tours. Try building a fun physical activity into each day of your trip with swimming, a surfing or kayaking lesson, hiking or yoga on the beach. Just a little research before you depart will keep you on your healthy living track.