5 Questions With Danasia Fantastic Of The Urban Realist


Bloggers have an uncanny ability to send us on an adventure both near and far. Their dreamy snaps encourage wanderlust in all of us and act as a city guide no matter the destination.

These social muses possess a keen editorial eye and a willingness to try new trends, and for that, we thought we would spotlight another personal favourite. Danasia’s love of all things inspiring fills our feeds with chic and stylish happenings. With nods to decor and dreamy vacations, this is one blog you absolutely need to bookmark.

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Danasia Fantastic of TheUrbanRealist.com


1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

“My name is Danasia Fantastic and I’m the creator of TheUrbanRealist.com, a lifestyle website focusing on the best in travel, architecture, culture and design for Millennial women. I’m also a contributing writer at The Travel Channel and HGTV.”

2. What Instagram filter or editing app do you swear by? 

“Actually, I’m a huge fan of editing in the iPhone photos editor. I also love Snapseed for brightening whites, and VSCO for muting certain tones.” 

3. What are your top 5 cities, and what trips do you have lined up this year? 

“So I’m partial to Miami, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn because I used to live in all three. The next would have to be Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the last one is too hard to pick! I’m travelling to Berlin and Prague this month, Toronto next month and then Greece in August, so I’m sure my top 5 cities might change rather soon!”

4. What city served you the best meal, and what was it?

“Puerto Vallarta and it was street tacos off a cart. They literally changed my life and I haven’t had a taco since because I’m sure nothing can compare.”

5. What are the pieces you never leave home without? 

“My MiGoals planner, a small notebook, and my cellphone charger.”