Zaib Shaikh On The Crane, Barbados


Zaib Shaikh stars on the CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie, as well as writing and directing his newest project, the CBC adaptation of Othello. He recently visited The Crane Barbados and shares his experiences with Caribbean’s best sushi.

Zaib Shaikh (photo c/o CBC)

Who knew that Barbados held the secret to some of the world’s best sashimi and Num Prick Pow?  Two very different Asian delights on one exquisite menu that will blow your mind!

Divide your visit to The Crane’s restaurant, Zen over two dinners and on the first night you can tour Japanese delicacies of Maki and Moriawas of the chef’s choosing. Then return after another splendid day on The Crane beach for a trip to a very Thai Zen where the Pad Thai is served in an elegantly thin egg wrap. When broken open a delightful array of noodles and hoisin spills onto your plate.

You can always go to the island of Japan for great sushi but if you like palm trees and Caribbean warmth then take yourself to The Crane Resort and a Zen night for sure. Get swept away, and enjoy some of the best sushi your taste buds will ever try.

Make sure to tune into Little Mosque on The Prairie Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on the CBC!