Warm And Wonderful Vacations To Take In January


These are our top spots for getting in a January holiday, and doing it right.

Despite having returned from some much-needed vacations, many of us are looking to escape the cold and head somewhere sunny. If you’ve been meaning to take that bucket list adventure, now’s your chance to make right with your resolutions.

Not only will your vacation be more affordable in January, but you can navigate your way through markets, galleries and the like without swarms of photo-happy tourists cramming you into every corner.

1/ Anguilla, British West Indies:

If it’s white sand beaches, scenic bays and crystal clear waters you’re after, look no further. Between the laid-back island vibe and picturesque sights at every turn, this is one vacation spot you would feel grateful to spend some time at.

Where to stay: Cé Blue Anguilla offers everything the discerning traveller craves. From luxurious villas complete with personal salt-water pools to 5-star worthy food and a fitness centre that boasts better equipment than your boutique gym, this experience is truly epic.

Photo: @ visitbarbados

2/ Barbados:
This sophisticated travel locale is brimming with culture and creativity at every turn. If you’re looking to indulge in a few of life’s little luxuries, your January holiday has just been sorted. Uncover the history that comes alive once you stroll through the streets, and nestle into a warm beach that offers beautiful views at all hours of the day.

Where to stay: The Crane is an elegant hotel that offers outstanding service, sprawling space and stunning amenities for both adults and children. If you’re looking for romance or family-friendly fun, book a reservation here.

Photo:  @airdronerd

3/ Dominican Republic: Between the hundreds of miles of coastline, to the postcard-perfect beaches and warm people, this destination is a favourite for both novice and distinguished travellers. In this geographically diverse country, you will find mountain scenery, desert scrublands and outstanding architecture that will sincerely convince you to buy a beach house here and never leave.

Where to stay: When you’re somewhere so beautiful, truly embrace the peaks and points of interest. We recommend finding a private villa and enjoying the sprawling and truly stunning views all-around.

4/ Turks & Caicos: While this is a significantly smaller island than most, this gorgeous country packs a punch in terms of experiences. With a population of around 32,000, this tropical paradise will prove to be the perfect place to unplug. Enjoy the stunning white sand beaches, or luxurious resorts that boast some of the best amenities money and a week off work can buy.

Where to stay: If you’re headed to this slice of 5-star heaven, we suggest staying at the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos. This boutique property is a beachfront retreat that boasts some of the best food, views and services on the island.