Paul Alexander's Tip For Taking Photos


Dashing and debonair photographer Paul Alexander has travelled the world photographing top models for every Canadian fashion publication, and also appeared as a judge on Canada’s Next Top Model. We convinced him to share the 5 little magic tricks that will keep your travel portraits fashion editorial worthy.

These are Paul Alexander’s tip on how to fake it until you make it (*until you finally take that photography class you’ve been putting off)!

1/ Don’t be invasive with your subject. The fastest way to make someone uncomfortable is to put a camera in their face 24/7.

2/ Never pressure someone to do something in a photo they wouldn’t normally do – it will show in their face and body that they are tense.

3/ Let the subject be natural – the point is to take a picture of them in a special setting, not transform them into someone else.

4/  Be ahead of the shot if you focus on where the shot will be happening before it happens your images will always turn out crystal clear.

5/ Laughter and patience work wonders!

So, now that you’re armed with the top tips and tricks on how to capture the mood with your camera, send and share your favourite travel pictures with us for a chance to be featured. Happy snapping!