5 Questions With YouTuber Sylvia Jade


YouTubers and influencers have the uncanny ability to transport us through their deskside videos and curated photography. They quickly make us feel like friends and effortlessly pull us into their exciting yet relatable worlds.

Their adventures near and far always serve as some kind of inspiration for our bucket list hopes and dreams. From personal style shots to food and landmark photos, their feeds fill our pending itineraries with not to be missed hot spots.

These millennial muses possess a keen editorial eye and a willingness to try new trends, and for that, we thought we would spotlight another personal favourite. Sylvia Jade’s love of all things fashion fills our feeds with chic and stylish inspiration. With nods to beauty, travel and food, this is one channel you absolutely need to bookmark.

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Sylvia Jade of Beautycakez.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

“I’m Sylvia! I like to call myself a digital content creator because I’m not bound to one platform. I create YouTube videos where I currently have 200k subscribers and my Instagram of 46.4k followers. I do fashion, beauty, lifestyle.. and whatever just interests me!”

2. What Instagram filter or editing app do you swear by?

“VSCOcam is my jam! Currently using the H1 filter religiously.”

3. What are your top 5 cities, and what trips do you have lined up this year?

“My top 5 favourite cities currently would have to be…Nassau for that laidback beach lifestyle, New York during the holidays, Paris for the shopping, Las Vegas for food and fun.. and of course, Toronto, my home base! I have Las Vegas booked for February – Backstreet Boys, here I come! I’m also in the midst of planning a trip to Vancouver, and London.”

4. What city or country served you the best meal you ever had, and what was it?

“I have two answers for this! Best meal, if we’re talking about experience, would definitely be Paris. I got to experience the two Michelin Star restaurant, L’Abeille, and it was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. But even the restaurants I’ve visited in Paris have also given me a food experience, unlike North America. I think it has to do with Europeans valuing food differently than Westerners. The best meal in terms of amazing food where I could totally eat there every day… has to be in Miami. They have such authentic foods, but also amazingly healthy options – my fave in South Beach is DIRT.”

5. What’s are the pieces you never leave home without? 

“Obviously, my phone. My camera, an external battery charger, lip balm, and Pepto Bismol (haha). I’m a very practical person.”