4 Healthy Habits To Take On Vacation


While a vacation is a holiday from the hoopla, it should not be regarded as a free pass for your health.

That appetite to frequent the buffet bar, or to sample one too many cocktails needs to be kicked to the curb.

We’ve absolutely been there, and while entirely relatable it’s deplorable for your health. We know you’ve substituted your sandwiches for kale leading up to the trip, so don’t let that hard work go to waste.

You deserve to toss your cares to the wayside, but take a moment to recognize that once you’ve returned to reality the desire to jump on the wellness wagon will feel impossible without that impending motivation. It’s time to take your salad consuming self to your resort with a focused eye on healthy options in all aspects of your life. Avoid falling into the trap of staying up too late and consuming too much.

Cashing in your vacation days to recuperate from your vacation is entirely taboo.

Photo:  @iamdonut

Photo: @iamdonut

1/ Indulge the Right Way: It’s understandable that a gourmet buffet could awaken the inner food lover in all of us, but take the time to make use of the nature around your resort. Whether you’re visiting New York, or you’re headed somewhere entirely new – eat like the locals. Spring for fresh food, indulge in a beautifully prepared meal and let your taste buds enjoy everything that your holiday has to offer.

We love: The Chester NYC – This contemporary American restaurant attached to the Gansevoort Meatpacking District is a quintessential cool meal. If you’re seeking decadence married with a lively ambiance, this restaurant requires your reservation. Sample some of the finest foods New York has to offer with a seasonal menu and handcrafted cocktails.

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2/ Remember to Breathe: In between your beach trips and excursions, remember to shift the focus back onto your well-being. It’s entirely effortless to get lost in the magic of the moment but take a step back, unwind and truly soak in the sights and sounds.

We love: Sign up for a yoga class on the beach in the Dominican Republic. With endless resorts to choose from, we just know a routine excursion hosted by the hotel is calling your name.

Photo: @ stefhurtubise_

3/ Unwind Responsibly: There’s no worse feeling than having a heavy head and a splitting migraine come morning. We understand that the drinks and flowing and the music is near magical, but treat yourself right. Rather than springing for a bottle, try a few curated cocktails that were designed to inspire your palette. These drinks often pair perfectly with food offerings that can tickle your taste buds too.

We love: Indulge in a tall glass of crisp champagne at the Dom Pérignon Bar housed in the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Located in the hotel’s famous Palm Court, this first of its kind in all of Canada boasts custom-designed black decor that evokes all sorts of emotions upon entering. Sip and be served by some of the best that this bar has to offer.

Photo: @tradewindslife

Photo: @tradewindslife

4/ Expand your Horizons: A trip would be a waste if you fail to immerse yourself in the local culture. Of course, we’re not suggesting that heli-painting is the way to go, but perhaps exploring the waters and making new companions is crucial. These additions in your life will prove to be a window to many more memories and adventures down the road.
We love: Take a trip with TradeWinds for an experience of a lifetime. Set sail and explore islands and waters that you never thought possible. Watch the sun rise and set as you indulge in beautiful meals with the best-kept company.