What You Need To Know About Honeymoon Registries


If you’re anything like us, the idea of wedding etiquette perplexes you. From the engagement parties to the bridal showers and even the invitations, there’s never a shortage of confusing moments.

If you don’t create a wedding website, and you’re not supposed to put your registry details in the official invitation, how will anyone know that you want a Vitamix? We understand you, and that’s why we’re here to debunk a few wedding do’s and please do not’s, but most importantly, to weigh in on the honeymoon registry.

First comes first, when it’s a matter of registering for your wedding, you should absolutely not hold back. With that, make sure to not create more than three. Your friends and family definitely want to help set you up for success, but they’re not willing to stock your home with otherworldly extravagances at every single event you’re throwing. Additionally, while you may want to opt for more modern options, such as equipment needed for travel experiences – we’re thinking moonlight hikes through the Swiss Alps – it’s also important to keep things relatively traditional. For some family members, giving you items that are of necessity will prove to be more important.

It’s also imperative to remember that a swift and sweet approach should be taken when it comes to writing and sending thank you cards. Whether you were given a crockpot or a trip to Croatia, any gift is meaningful and should be treated equally. The general rule of thumb is to not wait more than three months to get these out, but if you can work on them soon, even better.

And when it comes to the elusive honeymoon registry, modern couples hold experiences closer than tangible items. For instance, a post-wedding adventure in South East Asia means more to millennials than a stainless steel French door fridge. And since we’re moving in with each other well before the big day, we’ve already collected these items over the years. With a honeymoon registry service, you’re allowed to ask for the flight or a convertible ride through the Amalfi Coast. It’s actually recommended to ask your friends and family to pay for the activities, versus giving you lump sums of cash for your adventures.

All in all, there’s no rule book on registries. Just keep in mind that less is always more, and to be grateful no matter the gift. Wooden spoons or a stay in Senegal are both meaningful in their own way.