5 Questions With Candace Alongi Of The Minted Mama

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Meet The Minted Mama!

Bloggers have an uncanny ability to send us on an adventure both near and far. Their stunning snaps induce inspiration in all of us and act as an editorial guide no matter the season.

These social muses possess a keen editorial eye and a willingness to try new trends, and for that, we thought we would spotlight another personal favourite. Candace’s love for all things inspiring fills our feed with relevant lifestyle happenings. With nods to style, dreamy jaunts, recipes and more, this is one blog you absolutely need to bookmark.

Here are 5 questions with Candace Alongi of The Minted Mama.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about your blog? ”
Candace: “I launched my blog back in 2015 right before having my second child. As a SAHM, it has been a great way for me to still be creative and share my love of fashion, decor, and travel with others and hopefully be of inspiration for other moms who value the importance of style and beauty in everyday living. Before starting our family I had the opportunity to work in the fields of fashion, media, and marketing and loved every second of it –  so continuing my career through a lifestyle blog was just a natural progression and something I wish I would have started a lot sooner.”


2. What Instagram filter or editing app do you swear by?
Candace: “PicTapGo and PS Express are my go-to editing apps, and I never post a photo to Instagram without a couple swipes on the Brightness and Sharpen filters. Bright and crisp is my motto for my Instagram feed!” 


3. What are your top 5 cities, and what trips do you have lined up this year?
Candace: “The top places I’ve visited that have definitely left a place in my heart are Rome, Sydney, Scotland, Madrid, and Istanbul. I’ll be heading to NYC in October and we are hoping to get in a European cruise before the end of the year.”


4. What city served you the best meal?
Candace: “We were blown away by a meal we had in Barcelona, Spain a couple years back. The restaurant was tucked into a back alley and nearly impossible to find. It had no menu and the chef served us his special creations of the day. We still can’t stop thinking about how amazing that meal was!” 


5. What are the pieces you never leave home without?
Candace: “When travelling, I never leave home without my camera, a comfy pair of walking shoes, my favourite hand cream, a cross body bag, and of course my hubby – my travelling partner for life!”