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7 Cities That Celebrate NYE Better Than Anyone

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it’s time to plan for one of the year’s most anticipated nights.
December 7, 2017/by Kate Bialowas

What You Need To Know About Honeymoon Registries

If you're anything like us, the idea of wedding etiquette perplexes…
November 21, 2017/by Sarah Harris
4 Beautiful Beaches In The Dominican Republic

4 Beautiful Beaches In The Dominican Republic

Whether you want a relaxing day in the sun or an intensive workout on the water, these sandy strips in the Dominican Republiic have something to amaze and delight even the most seasoned beach-goers.
November 7, 2017/by Admin

8 Unexpected Gifts For The Modern Mom

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to grab something sweet and thoughtful for the leading lady in your life.
May 10, 2017/by Sarah Harris

The 5 Best Beaches In Brazil

Take a look at our picks for the top 5 beaches Rio de Janeiro has to offer.
May 3, 2017/by Kate Bialowas

5 Questions With Krystin Lee Of Suburban Faux-Pas

Bloggers have this uncanny ability to send us on an adventure…
April 24, 2017/by Krystin Lee
skyline of Paris city roofs with Eiffel Tower with blooming magnolia spring tree, France

The 7 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In Paris

Grab your Longchamp bag and Chanel sunnies and let's go discover the most Instagrammable locales in Paris!
April 18, 2017/by Olivia Brutto
Luxurious vintage interior with fireplace in the aristocratic style.

This Historic Château In Normandy Can Now Be Yours

If you've ever dreamed of owning a piece of French royal history, it has now been made possible - Only a mere two hours away from the lively city of Paris, sits the stunning Chateau de Morsan.
April 17, 2017/by Olivia Brutto
Swimming pool with a view of the trees and the sea

7 Unique Wellness Spas Around The World

Looking to relax this long weekend? Check out our top 7 picks for the best spas around the world!
April 13, 2017/by Olivia Brutto
Dubai Palm Jumeirah Island from the air

How To Do Dubai In A Day Like A Local

These are 5 suggestions on the best ways to see Dubai in a day through the ideas of a local.
April 11, 2017/by Marriska Fernandes

5 Questions With Olivia Lopez Of Lust For Life

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life.
April 3, 2017/by Olivia Lopez
Seaside villas in Italy

11 Stunning Celebrity Vacation Homes Around The World

Just in time for the upcoming spring/summer travel season, here is a look at 11 celebrity vacation homes around the world!
March 31, 2017/by Olivia Brutto
Three friends at the station ready for their vacation. First person view.

Youth Can Travel Canada For $150 In July With Via Rail

Youth can now travel Canada in the month of July for $150 with Via Rail. This inclusive pass is available for people under 25, or students over 26.
March 29, 2017/by Sarah Harris

Greta Garbo’s $5,950,000 New York City Apartment For Sale

If you have a cool $5,950,000, Greta Garbo's New York City pied-à-terre can be yours!
March 24, 2017/by Sarah Harris

5 Questions With Jonathan Cavaliere Of Mr. Cavaliere

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Toronto's own, Jonathan Cavaliere of Mr. Cavaliere.
March 13, 2017/by Jonathan Cavaliere

The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Cuba

We set out to find the five best beaches in Cuba to soak up the sizzling Cuban sun.
March 7, 2017/by Olivia Brutto

5 Questions With Natalie Alysa X Pop Of Black

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Natalie Alysa of Pop of Black.
March 6, 2017/by Natalie Alysa

Behind The Lens: Jim Byers Takes On Barbados

Journey through beautiful Barbados with travel writer and photographer, Jim Byers. This exclusive gallery explores an island brimming with beauty and charm in 23 breathtaking shots.
February 28, 2017/by Jim Byers
5 Questions With Kaylee Giffin Of The Blondielocks

5 Questions With Kaylee Giffin Of The Blondielocks

These are 5 questions (and answers) with Kaylee Giffin of The Blondielocks.
February 27, 2017/by Kaylee Giffin

Ryan Emberley And Sabrina Maddeaux Set Sail With Silversea

I had never been on a cruise before embarking on Silversea’s recent tour of Southeast Asia.
February 14, 2017/by Ryan Emberley

5 Questions With YouTuber Sylvia Jade

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Sylvia Jade of Beautycakez.
February 13, 2017/by Sylvia Jade

5 Questions With Stephanie Sterjovski

Bloggers and influencers have an uncanny ability to make an unfamiliar…
February 6, 2017/by Stephanie Sterjovski Jolly

Get Cultured In Budapest With These Top Spots

Now that we've shown you around the city and pointed out some…
February 3, 2017/by Olivia Brutto

Jeanne Beker Shares Her Bucket List Silversea Experience

I had never subscribed to the notion of a “bucket list” before…
January 20, 2017/by Jeanne Beker

Marathon Moments: Lara Ceroni Takes On Run Barbados

Toronto-based writer /editor Lara Ceroni went to Barbados to run a 5km in celebration of their 150th year of independence. Her pre-race training may have involved a beach and beer … or three. Here’s her story.
January 16, 2017/by Lara Ceroni

5 Questions With Kira Paran Of Northern Style Exposure

When it comes to blogging, Canadians have the market mastered.…
January 11, 2017/by Kira Paran

Meet Cassandra De Pecol – The First Woman To Explore All 196 Countries

We dive deep to discover ten interesting things about Cassie De Pocol, including a quick-fire list of her top travel spots, eats and sights.
January 9, 2017/by Cassandra De Pecol

Amanda Blakley’s Top Tips For Travelling With Children

As a seasoned traveller, my wanderlust runs deep (from backpacking…
January 6, 2017/by Amanda Blakley

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Siren Traveller

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new digital magazine, Siren Traveller.
November 18, 2016/by Admin

Randi Bergman Takes Downtown L.A.

Randi Bergman recounts a trip to LA, a day after fracturing her arm in an ill-timed bike accident.
November 7, 2016/by Randi Bergman

Lion of St. Mark’s Restored By Chanel

Thanks to Coco Chanel, the famous winged Lion of St. Mark’s…
July 21, 2016/by Sarah Harris

Warm & Wonderful Vacations In January

These are our top spots for getting in a January holiday, and…
January 14, 2016/by Sarah Harris

4 Healthy Habits To Swear By On Vacation

While a vacation is a holiday from the hoopla, it should not…
November 6, 2015/by Sarah Harris

Top 10 Places To Enjoy A Sunset

There is nothing better than a stunning sunset splashed across…
June 18, 2015/by Admin

Stay Active With These 10 Adventures

Staying active while travelling can be a tricky task. Some hotels…
May 28, 2015/by Admin

The Top Wine Routes Around The World

Although we spend three-quarters of the year anticipating summer,…
July 7, 2014/by Admin

Going Global: 10 Weird & Wonderful Hotels

Not all hotels have swim-up pools, urban addresses and bustling…
April 8, 2014/by Andrew Lovesey

10 Cities That Have Hosted The Olympics

Like clockwork, every two years—since the Winter Games…
February 28, 2014/by Admin

Shinan Govani: Polo in Barbados

It's a line I've been dining off of for months now: last…
August 30, 2010/by Admin

Peter Gatien: “King of Clubs”

Canadian nightlife luminary Peter Gatien redefined NYC nightlife…
August 24, 2010/by Admin

Zaib Shaikh On The Crane, Barbados

Zaib Shaikh stars on the CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie,…
August 18, 2010/by Admin

Paul Alexander’s Tips For Taking Pictures

Dashing and debonair photographer Paul Alexander has travelled…
August 18, 2010/by Admin