The 5 Best Beachfront Restaurants In Mexico

A meal with a view, its what we’re all after and the best place to find it this summer is Mexico!

This Caribbean paradise is chock-full of restaurants that are perfectly situated on white-sand beaches, which all happen to be waiting for you take a seat and savour.

To help you out on your search for the perfect dinner locale, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 beach front restaurants in Mexico.

Best Beachfront Restaurants in Mexico

Los Cabos: COMAL

Located in Los Cabos’ beautiful, contemporary Chileno Bay Resort and Residences, a part of the Auberge Resorts Collection, COMAL presents its patrons with authentic and mouthwatering flavours from the region including duck carnitas and market crudité. The three-level restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating with panoramic views of the water. The chic atmosphere paired with the masterfully crafted dishes make for an über-romantic evening with your loved one.

Sun umbrella and beach beds on tropical beach

Cancun: La Habichuela

For 38 years, La Habichuela has been serving up incredible Caribbean-Mexican cuisine with spectacular sunset views on the side. This incredibly designed restaurant with floor to ceiling glass windows is situated in the hotel zone and overlooks the Niputche Lagoon. Whether you’re seated inside or in the lush garden area, you cannot miss the breathtaking sunset over the water. Pink, orange and yellow hues in the sky enhance an already delicious meal.

Best Beach Front Mexican Restaurants


Tulum: Be Tulum

The rustic-chic decor is just the start of the beauty that Be Tulum brings to every dish they serve. Each meal is plated to perfection and all taste as incredible as they look. Hidden from the road, visitors to Be Tulum are treated to the awe-inspiring reveal of the restaurant’s fabulous atmosphere and tranquil beachfront views. To feel like a VIP and dine like one too, this is absolutely the place to Be.

Mayan Riviera: Coral Grill and Bar

Mayan Riviera: Coral Grill and Bar

The Viceroy Hotel in Mayan Riviera boasts some of the best beachfront dining in the region. The Coral Grill is the perfect dining option for those in search of a fresh meal as they serve up locally caught seafood and organic produce – truly the definition of “from farm to table.” The Viceroy also offers Dining Experiences – to step up the romance, request a private dinner on the beach, complete with candlelight and exotic flower arrangements.

Best Beachfront Restaurants Mexico

Acapulco: Zibu

For a unique twist on Mexican cuisine, try Zibu who offers a fusion of Mexican and Asian ingredients dubbed MexTai. The combination of the two makes for an incredible menu with items such as marinated fish with julienned mango and Indian nut to sweet coconut soup. Overlooking vast blue waters and vibrant green hills, the restaurant’s terrace defines dinner with a view.

Icing & Glitter Spends 72 Hours On The Shores Of Tulum

Tulum has been on my travel bucket list for the past year, so when the trip was finalized, I was practically jumping out of my skin with excitement. I visited Cancun about three years back, and as much as I enjoyed it, I had no plans of making a trip back there, primarily because I found that all it really had to offer was the all-inclusive experience. Tulum, however, is a completely different ball game. There is no shortage of things to do and there’s truly something for everyone. From the Mayan ruins to the Cenotes, to every single Instagrammable restaurant I visited, Tulum truly holds a special place in my heart. I put together a travel diary for those of you who decide to visit, which I highly recommend you do!

How to get there: Tulum is about an hour and a half away from Cancun. You can get there using either a private car or shuttle service, but be sure to book in advance to avoid any confusion once you get there. My hotel organized a car for me, which cost about $190 for a round trip.

Where to stay: Tulum isn’t the place for you if you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience. Most hotels are small, secluded and have an eco-feel to them. I stayed at Mi Amor Hotel which I cannot recommend enough. It’s located about five-minutes away from the main hotel strip, with a stunning view of the ocean. Although you can’t go into the ocean on account of the hotel being located on top of rocks, the beach is a two-minute walk away. The staff are extremely warm and helpful, arranging everything from transportation to snorkelling equipment for me to borrow.

Where to go: There are an endless amount of places to explore in Tulum. Since I was only around for three three nights, I barely touched the tip of the ice berg and would happily go back in a heart beat.

Cenotes are arguably the best part of Tulum. I visited two while I was there, the first being Cenote Dos Ojos which was an otherworldly experience. It’s a natural freshwater body located within a cave where you’ll find bats and fish, and the water is quite literally clearer than that in a swimming pool. This was a particularly memorable experience for me as I faced my fear of water in order to explore it. The Cenote is actually quite deep, so you can even dive there if you’d like to, although I was pretty sure my heart would stop beating if I even tried. Next to Cenote Dos Ojos is Cenote Nicte-Ha which is an open waterbody. Nicte-Ha has a bit of a whimsical feeling to it on account of the leaves and lily pads floating about.

You cannot leave Tulum without exploring the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. They are located on the beach and take about an hour and a half to walk through. I personally didn’t get a tour guide, choosing instead to read through while I walked around. Be sure to arrive early as it becomes jam-packed with tourists as the day progresses. The ruins open at 9, and although I arrived at 10 it was still a tad too crowded for me.

Where to eat: The food was quite possibly my favourite aspect of Tulum. On my first night, I dined at Unico, which had excellent ratings and was conveniently located within my hotel. The food was absolutely delicious, I highly recommend the Wild Snook.

On my second afternoon, I ate at Posada Margherita, a shabby-chic Italian joint located right on the beach. With the food, you can hardly go wrong with everything – it’s all prepared fresh and bursting with flavour. I tried two of the pasta dishes, both of which were delicious. Afterwards, I visited the beach right outside, and out of all the beaches I visited, this was the cleanest one in Tulum.

The most memorable dining experience I had, however, was at Gitano, a Mezcal Bar and restaurant. The interior has a rustic feel to it, with wooden tables and boho-chic tapestry. Gitano is located in the jungle side of Tulum, and at night, the whole restaurant is lit up with fairy lights and chandeliers within the trees, giving it a dreamlike quality. I went on a Friday night, which I think is the best night to go. There was a live band unlike anything I’ve ever heard – the manager, Seth (who is truly wonderful) described it as Indian Jazz on account of the sitar player. At 10pm, there was a DJ who played the most incredible music which was sort of a transition between the soothing live band and a harder DJ who comes on later at night. Now regarding the food, I ordered the ceviche, and three types of tacos (beef brisket, fish, and shrimp), all of which blew me away. The beef brisket one in particular was unforgettable. The drinks here are also to die for – it will put anything you’ve had in the past to shame. I ended my meal with guava cheesecake, something I never thought I would enjoy but could have happily gone to eat seconds of.

On my last night, I visited Safari for dinner, which was recommended to me by the manager of Gitano. Now if you’re after a super luxe experience, Safari isn’t for you. It’s a very basic restaurant, completely bare bones – the operations are conducted out of a food truck, but my goodness the food is to die for. The Shrimp A Mole Verde tacos were the best I’ve had in my life, and the rice and beans gave a new meaning to the dish. The owner, Luis, has been in the food industry forever, having worked everywhere from New York to Australia, so he really knows what he’s doing.

Tulum Travel Diary
Tulum Travel DiaryTulum Travel DiaryTulum Travel DiaryTulum Travel DiaryTulum Travel DiaryTulum Travel Diary

Island Hopping 3 Ways X Thailand

A diversity of dreamy experiences exists within the hundreds of islands scattered along Thailand’s Southern coast – how do you choose just one adventure to embark on? You don’t. With a convenient and rather inexpensive ferry system, today’s traveller can easily check multiple island extravaganzas off the bucket list.

Known as the “land of a thousand smiles”, there is no doubt Thailand boasts some truly extraordinary experiences – both on luxurious and cultural levels – that can quite literally be consumed using all five senses. Crystal-clear blue seas and white sand shores are inevitable in Mother Nature’s artistry along every shore, and dedicated foodies will have no problem finding truly hands-on culinary experiences that extend beyond the classic Pad Thai or Green Curry.

The Thai word, “Koh” directly translates to “Island”, and precedes the name of each of our recommended Thai hotspots: Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui. Take a look at our suggestions below – this island trio is sure to satisfy all of your Thai travel aspirations, regardless of your budget!

Beautiful beach of Koh Tao, Thailand

DIVE IN: Koh Tao

Koh Tao is an ideal first stop of the three islands in Thailand, especially if you intend on obtaining your PADI open water diving license. It is one of the world’s more affordable places to receive this internationally recognized certification, which will undoubtedly come in handy throughout your upcoming island explorations. Expect to come across multiple world-class dive sites as the islands are known to have a wide variety of marine wildlife: from manta rays to whale sharks, to vibrantly colourful fish and coral reefs.

If you don’t have the time to commit to a full scuba diving certification, there is no shortage of prime snorkelling spots around the island that can be experienced either through an organized group tour or on your own. Koh Tao’s Shark Bay is accessible from the beach shore and offers clear, shallow waters for the chance to explore a variety sea life and coral formations – if you’re lucky, you might catch sight of a Blacktip Reef shark or Green sea turtle!

Sleep: With warm and friendly hospitality, panoramic breakfast buffet views and the island’s most Instagram-worthy infinity pool, you can’t go wrong booking a suite at the Aminjirah Koh Tao.

Devour: Sink into massive beanbags and catch happy hour cocktails at Fizz Beachlounge for an unforgettable sunset experience.

Experience: With the island’s natural vibe of pure zen relaxation, yoga retreats such as those offered by Shambhala Yoga Centre can provide you with the ultimate detox to strengthen your body and mind.

Aerail Koh Mae view, Koh Phangan, Thailand


If you can recall anything about this lively island, it’s likely that Ko Pha Ngan is best known for its famous Full Moon Parties. Once every lunar month on Haad Rin’s crescent-shaped strip of shoreline, a low-key beach by day transitions into a once in a lifetime party that lasts until sunup. In high tourism season, the beach populates with crowds of up to 30,000 neon face-painted backpackers, enjoying mixed drinks in sand buckets and choreographed fire performances.

Accommodations run anywhere from $5/night backpacker party hostels to luxury resorts on the pricier end. You’ll quickly discover this island has an abundance of first-class offerings –Ko Pha Ngan is not necessarily all about a constant buzz of music and expensive beach clubs. The further north, the more remote and quiet the beaches are. Here, you can escape to some of the country’s most luxurious resorts while still having access to Full Moon Party celebrations. 

Rest: Experience utmost bliss with your loved one at Santhiya Ko Pha Ngan Resort & Spa. A true gem to the island, the resort offers a variety of stunning private villas engulfed in lavish greenery and cascading pools – the ultimate paradise utopia in Thailand.

Devour: Known for its service excellence and cultural ambiance, The Bistro at The Beach is considered to be the premier Ko Pha Ngan restaurant. Don’t miss the signature Gai Pad Med Ma Muang – a delectable stir-fried chicken dish topped with roasted cashews, chili jam and Phangan fresh pineapple.

Experience: Learn how to cook like a culinary pro while crafting the perfect Thai plate – whether it be Tom Yum soup, Penang Curry, or Papaya Salad. For the ultimate foodie experience, find a class that includes a tour of the famous Thong Sala food night market.

Tropical beach and coconut palms in Koh Samui, Thailand, Asia


The next piece of paradise in Thailand, Ko Samui is the largest island of the three and is well-known to be suitable for all types of travellers. While it is certainly a bustling tourist hub full of stimulating experiences, Samui still offers the freedom and relaxation for those looking to do their own happy wandering. Whether you’d prefer to explore the land by foot or navigate the twisting highland roads by motorbike, expect no disappointments in this island’s magical scenery.

Samui has several waterfalls, although the two Na Muang Waterfalls are the most picturesque. Tree roots form a natural staircase that lead to the base of the falls where massive purple rocks sit. Other must-see landmarks include the 12-metre tall Big Buddha Temple, locally known as Wat Phra Yai, as well as Lamai Beach, a laid-back community that sits south of Chaweng district.

Sleep: If you don’t mind blowing your Baht, Ko Samui is known to have some truly luxurious accommodation retreats. Ease off in one of Code Ko Samui’s chic penthouse suites to enjoy striking views of the area’s turquoise sea.

Devour: Indulge in fine Thai and European dishes at Second Nature, where East cuisine meets West. Whether you’re looking for special occasion dining or a more casual, bar lounge environment, this Lamai Beach restaurant will suit your fancy.

Experience: If you’re working with a smaller budget, you’ll have no problem finding traditional Thai massage salons every few steps amongst the town with prices as little as 200฿ – or about CAD$7.50 – for a FULL body aromatherapy or reflexology foot massage!

Picture this: All of the culture, cuisine and warm hospitality found in Thailand’s major mainland cities, but accompanied by endless sun-lounging, towering ocean-side cliffs and palm tree-coated shorelines.

If Thailand has been forever on your to-do list, what are you waiting for? With the country’s various offerings, this island-hopping itinerary can be customized to hit all of your ultimate holiday goals. Between Koh Tao, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui, the Gulf of Thailand has everything your dream vacation desires, regardless of your travelling taste.

72 Hours In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, commonly seen as one of the most culturally significant cities in Thailand is a sure fit for those who love a laid-back city adventure. She sings the songs of her traditional ways, with street vendors, trolley wagons, and a sea of markets, yet keeps you on your toes with a lively night scene.

Here are some MUST DO’s for a quick in and out of Chiang Mai:


The name pretty much says it all. Centrally located in Old Town, Good Morning Chiang Mai offers eclectic boutique charm for exceptional value. With only 24 rooms, you are welcomed like family. Rooms are extremely spacious and updated with warm presence of Thailand charm. The boutique is set on a lush ground of greenery with a beautiful salt-water pool to relax in after those big city ventures. A quaint bar and daily massage studio is also conveniently available on site. Included in your stay you will also receive a made to order breakfast complete with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee in their beautiful indoor/outdoor restaurant.

EAT: With the abundance of vendors, markets, and restaurants, eating in Chiang Mai is something that you do often, with ease and in total food bliss.


A Taste From Heaven: Large menu with all vegetarian/vegan choices. You would seriously never know this place is meatless.
TRY: Spring rolls, green curry in a coconut, pineapple boat rice, vegan brownie

The Hideout: Full bodied fresh coffee, healthy sandwiches and lunch menu made with all local fresh ingredients.
TRY: Jaws sandwich and a latte

The Coffee Bull: Be sure to take your shoes off at the door for this charming Thai cafe. Perfect for people watching, this little coffee stop is bursting with rustic Thai charm.
TRY: Drip coffee and hot cocoa.



The Night Bazaar: Test your haggling skills at the night Bazaar located just outside of Old Town. This market runs every day from 6pm-11pm. Night Bazaar is THE place to buy your souvenirs, as you will find most items much cheaper than the day markets.

Tip: can’t figure out how much to barter? Go for the average of 30% less than the asking price and walk away if you need to. You can usually find repeat products a few stalls down.


Thai cooking class: Can’t cook? No problem! Chiang Mai offers several full and half day cooking classes that include everything from exploring the produce markets to crushing Thai chili peppers. Whether you are a praised chef or eager beginner, you will learn a thing or two about Thai culture, vegetation, and the skills to impress your friends back home.

TRY: Zabb E LEE Thai cooking school.

Tuk Tuk Ride:

An experience in itself! What is commonly used for taxi’s can turn into a fun way to see the city in a jiff. Don’t feel like taking a day tour on a bus to see the city? Ask a Tuk Tuk driver to chauffeur you around to all the hot spots and you will be sure to see Chiang Mai the way the locals do.

TIP: Always negotiate price with the Tuk Tuk drivers. It’s expected!

SEE: Chiang Mai Wat

You will find several Wat’s (temples) all over Chiang Mai. Beautiful to look at, and immensely peaceful, you will immediately feel at rest in these aging architectural wonders.

VISIT: Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara. Walk around this beautiful Wat and learn about the everyday lives of monks.

The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Cuba

There is nothing quite like parking on a soft-sanded beach with a plush towel and your favourite bikini to catch some much-needed Vitamin sea.

Warm rays hitting your bronzed skin and beads of salt water dripping from your hair, the beach is where you belong. If you’re craving that unmistakable Caribbean heat, we’ve got you covered.

We set out to find the five best beaches in Cuba to soak up the sizzling Cuban sun.

Best Beaches in Cuba

Photo: @britneylhope

Playa Los Flamencos:
White-sanded beaches and lush, swaying palm trees as far as the eye can see, Playa Los Flamencos is 22 km of relaxing perfection. This quiet beach is the perfect escape for those looking for a day full of peace. Whether you visit this beach solo to retreat for a while or with loved ones to spend quality time with one another, Playa Los Flamencos provides the perfect tranquil atmosphere.

Best Beaches in Cuba

Photo: @katebialowas

The beach at Memories Varadero Beach Resort:
Memories Varadero is a fun and lively paradise with the beach to match. Spend your day taking part in dance lessons, water sports and volleyball on the warm sands while meeting people from all over the globe! For those a part of Memories Varadero’s Diamond Club, get away from it all with your very own private section of the beach. Shaded tiki huts and comfy lounge chairs await!

Best Beaches in Cuba

Photo: @waheedaharris

The beach at Sanctuary Grand Memories Cayo Santa Maria:
Turquoise waters and velvety sand envelop the lucky visitor who set foot on the beach at Sanctuary Grand Memories Cayo Santa Maria. This adults-only shoreline offers a much-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Travellers coming to Cuba in search of #nofilter beauty need look no further than this little stretch of heaven.

Photo: @sar_rosie

Playa Bacuranao:
If you’ve come to Cuba for historic Havana and only have a short time to dedicate to some sun worshipping, the perfect beach locale does exist. Playa Bacuranao is located only 12 kilometres away from the city and provides travellers with a quick beach escape. Sky-high palm trees, crystal-blue waters and a warm stretch of sand, you would never guess you’re so close to the busy Havana streets.

Best Beaches in Cuba

Photo: @britneylhope

The beach at Memories Holguin Beach Resort:
Family fun in the sun is the motive for the beach at Memories Holguin. Set up camp on the beach, slather on the sunscreen and have your very own sandcastle building competition. Gather as a group down by the bright blue water to partake in the many water and land sports offerings to make family memories to last a lifetime!

24 Hours In Havana, Cuba

Havana is a magical city that never fails to inspire a hopeful wanderlust in all of us.

Between the cobblestone streets, colourful facades and intricate architecture, this Cuban gem proves to be spectacular both day and night. We were fortunate enough to spend some time wandering the city streets with Nexus Tours. This wonderful add-on was a day trip during our stay with Memories Varadero Beach Resort.

Once the bus unloaded and we started to get our bearings, the clock struck nightfall and to our surprise live music, laughter and lights flooded the proverbial city walls. We were treated to amazing sounds, sights and smells of local cuisine and culture. Roadside churros were a must, as was dancing and singing with the vibrant and kind locals.

There’s something so touching about spending time in a city that has captured the imagination of so many. It came as no surprise that Havana conquered the heart of literary great, Ernest Hemmingway. An infectious inspiration can be found in everything you see and do in that city, and it certainly occupied my heart in a more profound way than expected.

If Havana is on your radar (which is should be), check out a few of our top city picks.

Eat: Habana 61
61 Habana, La Habana 10100, Cuba
Voted number one on Trip Advisor, this tourist and local hot spot is packed with outstanding culture and cuisine. We were told to make reservations in advance of visiting the city, as this quaint restaurant tends to fill up fast. If you’re looking for the best meal for your money, the lobster with garlic is otherworldly.

Sip: Café Fortuna Joe
Calle A, La Habana, Cuba
This quaint bar and eatery presents a proud display of vintage typewriters and toilets as decor, as well as sofa seating underneath the stairs. The tables are made from old cars and the ambience will make you feel as though you’re spending time in a traditional Cuban home. Additionally, the expansive menu boasts the most reasonable pricing for everything from small plates to sips. Be sure to taste the El Padrino cocktail, a white rum wonder.

Sleep: Memories Miramar Havana
5 Avenue Between 72 and 76, Miramar, Havana 11400, Cuba
You can experience the heart of Havana in this perfectly situated hotel. This lovely spot is tucked away in a residential neighbourhood and has everything from a pool, to restaurants and even two bars that can whip up the best mojito you’ve ever had. If you’re looking for easy access and a feeling of being part of the local culture, look no further than this hot spot.

Do: Tropicana
72 A, La Habana, Cuba
We were treated to a 2-hour show of stunning costumes, a spectacular set and amazing choreography at the one and only Tropicana. Set in a tropical oasis, the live music and dancing started as soon as the Cuban rum started flowing. Our eyes were sincerely glued to the stage, as every act was better than the last. While a live show might not be for everyone, this is certainly one thing you definitely need to cross off your bucket list.

Paradise Calling: Memories Varadero Beach Resort

Paradise is calling! We were fortunate enough to spend a sunny weekend in Varadero, Cuba just last week. Beyond the perfect palm trees, warm white sand and sizzling hot sun, we also fell in love with the pristine property.


Memories Varadero Beach Resort boasts amazing amenities and lush gardens that evoke a serious sense of wanderlust. The staff are so inviting, and the food, well the food was fantastic. If you love authentic Cuban cuisine with a travellers twist, you’re in luck. We enjoyed scrumptious breakfasts complete with tropical island fruit, delightful fresh brews and treats that tickled our taste buds. With our Diamond Club perks, we were invited to dine at exclusive lunch spots including a little Italian spot that served homemade pasta and the like. Come dinner, we made reservations at various restaurants that included flavours from Japan and Mexico.

Beyond the endless food and inviting staff, we were delighted to find a section of the beach brimming with beautifully shaded loungers courtesy of our Diamond Club wristbands. Although, between our quiet naps under the Cuban sun, we moved over to the heart of the beach, just to enjoy the action. After rounds of beach volleyball, salsa dancing in the sand and several water activities later, we filled our time with our new found friends.

Of course, the excitement didn’t stop there. We explored every nook and cranny of the resort and stumbled across beautiful swimming pools, a giant chess board, a fantastic water slide and snack bars that served up just what we were craving. There was never a shortage of food or fun, and that we can promise you. If you were looking for a cocktail on the beach, they had it, and if you were looking for a simple plate of fries after the evening entertainment, you bet they had it.

And of course to top everything off, we found plenty of perks along the way. Our rooms were steps from the beach and boasted a tub and a stand alone shower, because of course, why not? There were outdoor showers near the pools, just in case you needed to cool off. We found delicious tubs of ice cream that cooled our tongues and excited our senses. There were a variety of exotic birds that would play host to our afternoon entertainment and of course poolside cocktails that were as colourful as they were delicious.

To conclude, Memories Varadero Beach Resort proved to be the ideal girls trip. Escaping the cold Canadian winter in the middle of February was a wonderful treat, and of course, Cuba is always a good idea.

5 Questions With Kaylee Giffin Of The Blondielocks

Bloggers boast the ability to send us on an adventure both near and far. Their dreamy snaps inspire wanderlust in all of us and act as a city guide no matter the destination.

These millennial muses possess a keen editorial eye and a willingness to try new trends, and for that, we thought we would spotlight another personal favourite. Kaylee Giffin‘s love of all things fashion fills our feeds with chic and stylish inspiration. With nods to fantastic food and fun, this is one blog you absolutely need to bookmark.

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Kaylee Giffin of The Blondielocks.

5 Questions With Kaylee Giffin Of The Blondielocks

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

Hello Siren Traveller readers! My name is Kaylee Giffin and I am the editor of the Toronto-based life & style blog The Blondielocks. My blog began in 2013 as a way to inspire readers to “curate a life that is just right”, through outfit ideas, delicious recipes, simple DIY projects and beauty advice. The Blondielocks is all about offering readers an aspirational yet attainable approach to living life a little more stylishly. As for a little bit about me, I am a 25-year-old fashion business graduate living in downtown Toronto with my twin sisters, fiancé and 3-year-old rescue pup, Milo. I am a huge homebody, meaning you can usually find me with a glass of red wine and a good movie on a Friday night over any party. I have a huge love for photography, sour candies and most recently have become fascinated by the art of flower arranging!

What Instagram filter or editing app do you swear by?

Currently, I edit all of my photos in Photoshop, but post-Photoshop I love editing with VSCO Cam and Afterlight. A7 is my favourite filter on VSCO and I typically do brightness, contrast and sharpening on Afterlight

What are your top 5 cities, and what trips do you have lined up this year? We currently don’t have any trips lined up for this year but here are some of the places that I’d LOVE to go to.

Tulum, Mexico (my friend told me it’s like the brand Free People in city format)

Iceland (all over!)

Portland, Oregon (is that weird?)

Paris, France (obviously!)

New York (Crazy I haven’t been!)

What city or country served you the best meal you ever had, and what was it? Truthfully I haven’t had the opportunity to travel that much as of yet, so I definitely can’t tell you that I’ve enjoyed pasta in Italy or street food in Thailand. However, I will say that Chicago isn’t lying when they say that they have amazing deep-dish pizza! 😉

What are the pieces you never leave home without? My cell phone, camera, Henné Organics lip balm and lipstick.

5 Questions With YouTuber Sylvia Jade

YouTubers and influencers have the uncanny ability to transport us through their deskside videos and curated photography. They quickly make us feel like friends and effortlessly pull us into their exciting yet relatable worlds.

Their adventures near and far always serve as some kind of inspiration for our bucket list hopes and dreams. From personal style shots to food and landmark photos, their feeds fill our pending itineraries with not to be missed hot spots.

These millennial muses possess a keen editorial eye and a willingness to try new trends, and for that, we thought we would spotlight another personal favourite. Sylvia Jade’s love of all things fashion fills our feeds with chic and stylish inspiration. With nods to beauty, travel and food, this is one channel you absolutely need to bookmark.

Here are 5 questions (and answers) with Sylvia Jade of Beautycakez.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

“I’m Sylvia! I like to call myself a digital content creator because I’m not bound to one platform. I create YouTube videos where I currently have 200k subscribers and my Instagram of 46.4k followers. I do fashion, beauty, lifestyle.. and whatever just interests me!”

2. What Instagram filter or editing app do you swear by?

“VSCOcam is my jam! Currently using the H1 filter religiously.”

3. What are your top 5 cities, and what trips do you have lined up this year?

“My top 5 favourite cities currently would have to be…Nassau for that laidback beach lifestyle, New York during the holidays, Paris for the shopping, Las Vegas for food and fun.. and of course, Toronto, my home base! I have Las Vegas booked for February – Backstreet Boys, here I come! I’m also in the midst of planning a trip to Vancouver, and London.”

4. What city or country served you the best meal you ever had, and what was it?

“I have two answers for this! Best meal, if we’re talking about experience, would definitely be Paris. I got to experience the two Michelin Star restaurant, L’Abeille, and it was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. But even the restaurants I’ve visited in Paris have also given me a food experience, unlike North America. I think it has to do with Europeans valuing food differently than Westerners. The best meal in terms of amazing food where I could totally eat there every day… has to be in Miami. They have such authentic foods, but also amazingly healthy options – my fave in South Beach is DIRT.”

5. What’s are the pieces you never leave home without? 

“Obviously, my phone. My camera, an external battery charger, lip balm, and Pepto Bismol (haha). I’m a very practical person.”

Julia Mateian’s Guide To Tulum: The 6 Best Places To Eat

Mexico is a serious foodie paradise – tacos, guacamole, nachos, burritos, do I really need to say more?

Although the all-inclusive formula is still very popular among tourists, the industry of boutique hotels and trendy restaurants is growing up. Located in Riviera Maya, the region of Tulum is now one of the hottest spots in Mexico.

Jetsetters from all over the world are visiting this bohemian paradise. Not only are the beaches incredible but you will also find some of the coolest restaurants in the country.

Here are some of my top foodie spots that you can simply not miss:

Tulum Food Scene

1/ Nômade Tulum: Everything about the Nômade Tulum is exceptional – bohemian luxury at its best! You can either eat in the gorgeous dining room (so much interior inspo!) or pick a day bed with views of the ocean. The plates are very well presented (Instagram material) with fresh and local ingredients. The zucchini noodles and the Green Envy Bowl are recommended. While you’re there, make sure to check out the rooms too, you might want to book a night – or two!

Tulum Food Scene

2/ Coco Tulum: Long tanning sessions call for some well-deserved margaritas right? Head over to Coco Tulum for happy hour and enjoy some electro music while sipping on some refreshing drinks. Order a pizza and make new friends in this groovy atmosphere.

Tulum Food Scene

3) Restaurare: What about lunch in the jungle? Restaurare is one of Tulum’s best vegan spots, hands down! They support local products and farmers and their flavours are unique! Try the guacamole and the curry dish – you’ll see, healthy never tasted that good!

Tulum Food Scene

4) Posada Margherita: I always end up craving Italian food when I travel. If you love fresh pasta a stop at Posada Margherita is mandatory. The decor is absolutely adorable with lots of vintage finds and wood furniture – the attention to details is remarkable. Obviously order a pasta dish but give the shrimps a try too!

Tulum Food Scene

5) Gitano: If you’re looking for a cool place to eat out with your friends, Gitano is the answer! Start with a mezcal cocktail (their speciality) and share all plates with the amigos. My personal favourites are the shrimp tacos & the summer ceviche. Make sure to head to the Jungle Lounge after dinner and dance the night away.

Tulum Food Scene

6) Hartwood: So here’s the thing about Hartwood. Being the busiest restaurant in Tulum implies that reservations are necessary – but they can be very tricky. I highly suggest showing up in front of the restaurant at 2pm to make sure you get a table for the same night. Hartwood is the perfect date night spot with its cozy wood-fire grill and decor surrounded by lots of candles. Menu changes daily so it gives you the perfect reason to go back!