French Riviera

A Love Affair With The French Riviera

Photo: @bonphotage

The best way to tan, stay fit and see the coast of the French Riviera? Cycling of course.

The Côte d’Azur (aka the French Riviera) calls to bask in the golden sun, bathe in turquoise waters and breathe in Mediterranean air. Grab your helmet and join this dreamy ride.

The beaches woo you into swim breaks. Flower-filled markets supply fresh baguettes and spreads. There are no shortages of vineyards.

Photo: @perfect_places2go

Heavenly lavender fields in Provence, a bit off the coast but oh so worth it.

A Love Affair With The French Riviera

Photo: @astridthul

Théoule-sur-Mer, a steep trek promising a breathtaking view. Above the sea and among red-ochre rocks you’re welcome to stay awhile.

Provence France

Photo: @maaelleb

Late May-early June is the best time to skip crowds while catching action. Bike through Cannes during the film festival, dine amongst red-carpet stars. Find yourself on a yacht. Place bets on the Monaco Grand Prix car race with casino wins.

Provence France

Photo: @rivieracometrue

Nice, everyone’s favourite Euro-trip pun. The nicest place to rest your weary legs and show off a-rockin’ bike bod. PSA: drinking wine in public here is legal and almost obligatory. Pour me and glass and show me the beach, please.