5 Incognito Tourist Activities In New York City

When visiting New York City, one must stay away from selfie sticks and tour buses. With so much to offer the options (and outfits) seem endless.

Take a break from Magnolia’s bakery and S&B’s MET steps and dare to explore these local gems.

New York City

Photo: @lynnkimdo

Gansevoort Park Avenue Rooftop Pool and Lounge:

With an exclusive appeal of twenty stories overlooking Manhattan, you’re guaranteed to be happy hours before 5 pm.

21 Club

Photo: @hyunny_tittlemouse

21 Club

Endearing New Yorkers since the Prohibition, a mix of young professionals and Wall-street giants frequent this restaurant-lounge daily. Very Great Gatsby.

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Village Vanguard

Break from the Metropolitan Opera House and take your sophisticated vibes to an institution that has been hosted by jazz and blues talents such as Miles Davis for over 80 years.

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When privy to the password, speakeasies charm right through their hidden entrances and beyond. The devoted Attaboy bartenders create drinks via guests’ mood or flavour desires. In this city that never sleeps, they won’t stop serving their best Manhattans until 4 a.m.

Photo: @allilolocidesigns

Aire Ancient Baths

New York City can be exhausting. These baths ensure you won’t need a vacation from your vacation. Between the Salt Massages and Red Wine Experience, you can’t go wrong. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.