A Gift Guide Inspired By Beautiful Bali

Sunny photo, summer day. Journey to Bali

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The air is getting crisper, warm seasonal drinks are brewing, and it’s just about that time to start your holiday gift list and think about what you’ll gift the special people in your life.

If you’ve ever travelled to the island of Bali, you’re aware of its achingly breathtaking beauty, wonderful culture and relaxed yet adventurous energy. We took inspiration from the dreamy island for gifts a traveller can use jet-setting and beyond.

Whether you have a warm vacation planned for the midst of the frigid winter, or would just love a reminder of what it feels like to be on a beach, we’ve compiled the ultimate traveller’s gift guide inspired by beautiful Bali.

Bali Gift Guide

1/ Dolce & Gabbana Printed Swimsuit

The island of Bali is surrounded by the Bali sea and home to some of the most beautiful water falls in the world, which makes swimwear a no brainer. If you love to travel, chances are a swimsuit is on your packing list. This tropical printed one-piece by Dolce & Gabbana gives off major island vibes. The feminine silhouette will work for most body shapes, and you can detach the shoulder straps for multiple beach looks.

Bali Gift Guide

2/ JORD Wood Watch

Whenever I think of Bali, one thing that always comes to mind is gorgeous wood carvings, sculptures and furniture. Channel the Balinese love for wood with a JORD wood watch. Not only are wood watches unique, they’re versatile and add an elegant vibe to your outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down, but no matter what, it will work with your signature style.

Bali Gift Guide

3/ Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

For wind-swept, beachy waves, Bumble and Bumble knows best. Bali is known as a surfing paradise, and for surfers’ there’s nothing better than the rush after riding a good wave. To mimic the fresh-off-the-beach look, this hair spray is infused with a salt mineral complex that not only adds texture and volume to the hair but also delivers hair-nourishing ingredients for enhanced moisture.

Bali Gift Guide

4/ B Mat

A yoga retreat in Bali sounds like a dream and is likely at the top of the bucket list for most yogis. A quality yoga mat is essential for a good practice and B Mat reigns supreme. Made from 100% rubber, the B Mat has extra grip to ensure stability throughout your practice. Gift it to any travelling yogi on your list and get ready to be showered with gratitude.

Bali Gift Guide

5/ Kate Spade Passport Holder

Any avid traveller needs a chic passport holder. Gone are the days when keeping your passport in a plastic Ziploc bag would suffice. If you want to travel in style, a passport holder is key. And when it comes to style, Kate Spade is a natural choice. Blue like the Bali Sea, this leather case is equipped with gold plated hardware and a custom woven lining.

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