5 Tropical-Inspired Cocktail Recipes for Summer

It’s five o’clock somewhere.

One of the best parts of summer is throwing soirées with your favourite people where you can hang out on your porch and enjoy the warmth outside until the wee hours of the night. And somewhere in there is a signature cocktail that will make your guests swoon. Tropical-inspired cocktail recipes bring the sun and sand to you, with their intoxicating scents and delicious flavours. So if you can’t be on the beach, why not whip up one of these recipes instead?

From sweet boozy libations to refreshing frozen cocktails, the options for tropical drinks are endless. But in case you want it narrowed down, we’ve rounded up five cocktails that have something for everyone on your guest list. An array of different fruits, alcohols, and garnishes, mix it up for each party your throw, or stick to your favourite and make it your signature drink.

Whether you’re in the mood for pineapple rum punch or a frozen coconut mojito, check out these 5 tropical-inspired cocktail recipes to keep summer going all year long


Tiki Punch

Recipe via One Sweet Mess

With fruit punch and three types of rum—black cherry, coconut, and pineapple—this tropical drink is about to become one of your summer favourites. Perfect for entertaining, this extra-boozy drink will take you away to the Polynesian islands. Top it off with lemon, lime and orange slices for some extra pizazz.


Frozen Coconut Margarita

Recipe via Whitney Bond

Wow your guests with a signature cocktail like a frozen coconut mojito. Ideal for summer days when the heat is less than bearable, this blended cocktail offers a refreshing sense of relief. The coconut and lime create an intoxicating cross between a piña colada and a mojito that you and your guests will devour on a girl’s-night-in or late night soirée.


Blue Island Splash

Recipe via No Spoon Necessary

A pretty, tropical libation that’s nothing short of boozy paradise, this cocktail blends rum, pineapple juice, sprite and blue curacao, with Marciano cherries as garnish. If you can’t be on the beach, throw in some mini umbrellas for some island vibes.


Pineapple Rum Punch 

Recipe via A Night Owl Blog

Pineapple is a quintessential ingredient if a tropical taste is what you desire. It’s the perfect blend between sweet and sour that’s ideal for the summer heat. With pineapple three ways – juice, rum, and cubes, you’ll get a hefty dose of the tropical flavor, which will have your guests coming back for seconds (and thirds).


Grapefruit Hibiscus Margarita 

Recipe via Honey and Birch

The only thing better than a margarita is a grapefruit hibiscus margarita. The recipe is simple, fresh and full of tropical flavor. It’s the perfect cocktail to serve up at an afternoon soirée that trickles into the night. A blend of mint, lime, tequila, and of course a hefty dose of grapefruit and hibiscus, this zesty margarita will take you away to an island oasis.

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